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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The rot continues

Just to add to my last post about the poor quality of South African manufactured goods.
Last week my pool pump which I had recently purchased seized up. It already had a problem
when it was brand new but it somewhat recovered and did start although one could hear the
bearings might have a problem. So they took it away and it was returned today. Installed and it runs
like a induction motor should. Nice and quiet.
The reason why I bought this particular pump was that the previous pump had the very same
problem. It would not start (I checked the capacitor with my fancy LCR bridge of course as the
capacitor is the usual culprit for the motor not starting) but the cap was fine.
I always had to turn the impeller by hand, which meant opening the filter, turning the impeller, closing
the filter and switching on. This could have been maybe a problem with the winding's.
So I scrapped it.
Bottom line is it had to be replaced despite not being very old. I have my pool for thirty years and
all previous pumps lasted 10 years.
Now the repair crew connected the pipes and I connected the power cable. When I connected
the Earth wire, that is the yellow/green one, I asked the chap if he knows what that wire is for.
Not to my surprise he had no idea. So I explained to the two of them, as both had no clue how
the Earth Leakage System works and especially what it is for.  As there is a circuit breaker as well
as an Earth Leakage Trip I explained the reason for them. The were very grateful for  me taking
the time and educating them a little. But this should have been the responsibility of their employer.
The one chap is with that pool company for at least 10 years and is installing pool pumps every day.
One further interesting bit of information of how local companies are cutting corners came as a little
shock to me. Not even in my stingiest moments would I have thought of that one.
The pump comes with a 1m  length of 3 core cable. That cable is by far too undersized for the motor.
It has a label on it stating that that cable is only there for testing purposes and must be replaced with
the correct wire size when being installed. Of course when the pump got installed by that very same
chap who was here today he had no intention, or the knowledge for that matter, to fit the correct cable.
That means that there must be hundreds, if not more, pumps out there running with that incorrect cable.
That is why I always supervise any local employee of a South African Company and show them the
correct way. As I said, most are grateful for it. Makes their job a little bit more interesting.
There is also a label on the pump stating it must be installed by a qualified electrician. Well now we
are stretching it a bit. Why bother when you can get away with a chap who has no clue what
the little yellow/green wire is for.

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