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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Audi R8 Crash Docket lost

Got this e-mail from my crime watch chapter today. Nothing new or surprising. Dockets are being 'lost' for years. Then the court case is being thrown out by the Magistrate. A very effective way to escape justice. As I said before, most of the Law Enforcement - Justice Complex has been thoroughly subverted. It has become the laughing stock of the nation. Only a few weeks ago some prisoners were being transported in a police truck to or from a court appearance. Someone in the police department supplied them with some explosives which they detonated inside the truck killing a few fellow prisoners. They then escaped. Nothing money can't buy in this country.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Arlarming Escalation to a Lawless Society

I read with shock a few days ago that a AUDI R8 broke into 3 pieces after hitting a pole and a wall in the middle of Johannesburg killing the driver and a policeman passenger. From the photos of the crash site
it was impossible to make out the make of the car.
Since I also drive a Porsche, a car in the same bracket, this was of personal interest to me.
From the little that is known what happened at 4am that morning is that it appears that the driver was
stopped by police. It is alleged that they searched the car and found a small amount of Marijuana.
This is a ruse used by the police to solicit bribes as they threaten you with arrest. This has been reported a number of times in the press. Apparently, it is claimed, they plant the drugs as they search
the car. And what better target than a well heeled motorist. The more expensive the car the bigger the bribe. Does not take much education to figure that one out.
One officer was seen by a  passing motorist  as well as a CCTV camera to be sitting in the car and
driving down the road just before the crash. Speculation is that the driver was driving to an ATM to
draw cash for a bribe. What happened then is a mystery. We'll see what comes out in the wash.
That is not an isolated incident. Cops asking for bribes is becoming our new national sport, maybe
to compensate for the dismal performance of our national soccer team or their lousy pay.
A fellow Porsche driver was carjacked and kidnapped  for 24 hours by 'policemen' in uniform
just a few km from where I live. Also at night. An other motorist in the same area was also carjacked
by 'police' in uniform and taken to an ATM to draw cash. Then they keep them hostage until
after midnight when the ATM will dish out the maximum daily limit again. There have been instances
where the victim was kept hostage for days so the ATM could be looted over and over again,
with the victims locked in the boot of their cars. The case of a lady in Durban last year comes to mind.
She barely survived the ordeal.
A few years back I was standing at the checkout in my supermarket and saw the headline of the
Sunday Times scream in 2inch letters: 'Rolex Gang strikes again'. So I read the front page story while
waiting in the queue. To my shock it reported that one of my clients, a fellow Porsche driver, was
followed home by some criminals who shot him nine times and stole his expensive watch. In his driveway.
He survived. He had been shot once before while leaving his business! But I don't think that he would
be used to it by now. Getting shot that is.
Than there was the newspaper report that a Policeman in full uniform took part in a business robbery
in Pretoria. He was apprehended quickly thanks to some CCTV footage I believe.
It is estimated that 50% of drivers licenses are 'bought'. These are legitimate documents which have
been obtained from corrupt officials for a substantial 'facilitation fee'. And that is the official estimate.
Efforts are being made by the authorities to counteract this but once the drivers licence is issued it is next
to impossible to find out it was obtained by fraudulent means. And that applies to all types of licenses,
from cars to trucks even commercial Pilots Licenses have been obtained that way. Even my son,
who is a commercial pilot was offered the opportunity. He declined as he had no problems passing
all of the rather stiff exams. But people who struggled were tempted to go that route. That scam I believe
has now been stopped but there a pilots out there with a fake commercial licence.
In order to avoid  to fall victim to the above mentioned dangers I do not drive before 9am and after
3pm. Ever. I have not been on the road at night for years. I also use the services
of a Professional Armed Escort whenever I have to go to a meeting who follows me in his car.
It is a sad fact, reported many times in the newspapers, that policemen hire out their service pistols
to criminals while they are off duty. The guns are then used to commit crimes and are returned to the
policeman before he goes back on duty.
My biggest client was having dinner at a restaurant a while back. Some guys stormed in and robbed
the patrons of their belongings. They took his Glock pistol. He is a highly trained self defence expert
as well as a fine marksman. But he said he could not use the gun in a crowded restaurant. It would have
caused a bloodbath. However as the gang fled in their car he took down the registration number.
It turned out that the car was registered to the police. The culprits were off duty policemen moonlighting
for a little extra income. He got his gun back after a year or so.
And so the list gets longer and longer. There are daily reports in all the papers telling similar stories.
And one of our police commissioner's was convicted of corruption for accepting payments from a drug
king pin. And his successor was declared unfit for the job due to some shady dealings involving hundreds
of millions. But as one of our favourite little saying goes: Blue Sky's, Barbeque's and ...... everything
is just perfect.
The situation will not improve until the citizens of this county will eventually learn that dishonesty and
criminality are not the correct ideals to be handed down to the next generation.
There is a reason why some societies are successful and others fail.......

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