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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Should one lough or cry?

I've been getting a lot of these pamphlets in my mailbox recently. Must say, the claims made are nothing short of miraculous. Makes western medicine, for which I have personally not a very high regard, almost primitive by comparison. The vast majority of South Africans rely on 'Sangomas' or Herbalists as they are also known for their primary health care.
 There was even an attempt made to pull them into the mainstream of health providers so patients could put in a claim to their Medical Aid Societies. For the little good they do there is a lot of serious concern. For instance one reads often in the local press of a Sangoma being arrested for being in possession of human body parts which are an important ingredient in the potions they concoct. Often these body parts are being removed from the victim while still alive as that makes the 'Muti', the concoction more potent.
Sadly many of the victims are small children, murdered for their organs.

 One of the more hilarious stories one hears a lot is that criminals pay a lot of money to their Sangoma to make them bullet proof when they plan a robbery or something in that line of work. A incident that still has me rolling on the floor is that 4 of them planed to rob a bank in the middle of Johannesburg. So they explained to the Sangoma what they really need him to do was to make them invisible. Which the Sangoma proceeded to do, after a lot of cash was paid over first. When they carried out the robbery the next day they were clearly visible on the CCTV surveillance tape. They did not even bother to hide their faces because they were 'invisible'.

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Vorna Valley Johannesburg
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