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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

100 000 PhD's

Every morning, when I wake up I never know what hare brained schemes our clueless leadership will dream
up to justify their multimillion salaries.
The latest attempt is to produce 100 000 PhD's by 2030. Now that about 6000 per year, up from about 1800
a year at present. I watched a video on a news channel where a Professor was interviewed. And by the way
that chap was from Nigeria I think judging by his accent. He claims that we are using the wrong model
to train PhD's. We are using the British model which is not suitable for Africans as it requires graduates to just go on with research on their own as it is the norm anywhere else.
No, we plan to have formal classes they will have to attend for at least 2 years, in other words being spoon fed, coached or coaxed along. Not a very promising start to a illustrious scientific career.
Besides, where will we find large numbers of required supervisors? In Nigeria? This will give 419 scams
a new lease on life.
But then again, since the pass mark to enter tertiary institutions is at the moment 30%, yes that is correct, it is little wonder that such hilarious schemes are being considered.
As I say elsewhere on this Blog I had some dealings with recently graduated 'Engineers'.
Totally clueless. Universities are being forced to push though quotas who then find it nearly impossible
to find employment as no employer has a use for them. Not in my company, for sure.

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