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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Why South Africa is becoming a FAILED STATE

The primary reason why our crime rate will never be reduced is simply that it would be economic suicide. It has as usual, to do with money. Not the money the criminals get from it but the vast sums of VAT it generates for the Fiscus. Just work out how much of taxes are generated alone from car theft, one of the only growth industries in the decimated South African Economy. I was told that about 30% of the price of a car is some hidden taxes, never mind the 15% of VAT on top of that.
Little wonder our cars are among the most expensive in the world. There are tens of thousands of cars stoles every year. The same goes for the hundreds of thousands of residential burglaries. All replacement goods being bought generating lots of cash for the bankrupt State. And bankrupt we are.
If you think about it it is really a remarkable achievement, considering our immense natural resources. From Gold, Platinum, Iron Ore, Coal etc to our magnificent wildlife, breathtaking scenery from the famous Kruger Park to our beautiful coastline and we can't make it work???
We have about twenty thousand murders a year. Now we all know how expensive funerals are.
Just work out the VAT generated by that. If the victim does not die immediately and requires extensive Intensive Care for a week or two before he pegs, that can cost a cool million and you can calculate the VAT on that yourself. You get the picture. Add to that the damage done to cars by our estimated 750 million potholes. Lots of new wheels and tires needed. Lots more VAT.
At least that creates badly needed jobs, Insurance Companies need more staff to handle all these claims, more Undertakers and grave diggers for all these murdered people.
Our Education System has been totally destroyed. Churning out 'Graduates' who have no clue what they have been studying for he past 4 years. I employ Engineers in my Company so I have first hand
knowledge of what Our Universities produce. I have stopped interviewing local graduates a long time ago. Example: When a recently graduated Electronic Engineer can't use a Soldering Iron then something is not well somewhere. That that chap also could not make himself a cup of coffee because he could not figure out how to open our Russel Hobs Kettles lid to poor water in speaks for itself.
Our manufacturing industry has disappeared a long time ago. They simply are unable to compete with manufacturers in Asia. Goods produced in South Africa are often of poor quality as well as workmanship, yet more expensive than equivalent Imports. But that need not be so.
My Company designs and manufactures high quality Electronics for almost thirty years. Much is for export to all major countries including China. Over a quarter Million items shipped, from the simple to the sophisticated, never to be seen again.  So it is possible. 
Just last weekend, which was a long one due to Monday being a holiday we had again the usual carnage on our roads. The worst accident killed 24 in one crash alone. The Mini Taxi in which they were traveling was overloaded, instead of a maximum of 16 passengers it carried 27. Plus all their
luggage. So when the taxi, which was travelling too fast, approached a bend, due to its excessive weight the driver could not stay on his side of the road and crashed head on into a bus coming the other way.
24 young people killed. My son is a Helicopter Pilot, one of his regular jobs is to fly the EMS Air Ambulance in the Eastern Cape. He says that the majority of airlifts involves two kinds of emergencies. Car crashes, mostly due to speeding and alcohol consumption, the other category involves teenage pregnancies which have complications during birth, involving girls between 14 and 17 years. Heart attacks are a distant third.
Every year we have the usual Road Safety Campaigns, costing Millions. But all to no avail.
The reason is really quite simple. Our road death toll is exactly in line were it should be.
One only has to compare our figures with other nations. And one fact stands out. All backward nations have the same number of deaths per hundred thousand kilometers. Has to do with the low
IQ of such nations. Lots of data available on the Web. By comparison, advanced Nations have a very
low figure, due to its population having a much higher average IQ. Does not take a Rocket Scientist
to figure that one out.
Lots of Fake Driving Licenses around. Some are even 'legit' i.e. not forgeries but registered on the system. That is because some Official has been bribed to issue a license without the necessary test
being done. And that practice is particularly prevalent in heavy truck licenses were the stakes are much higher.
Even our Civil Aviation Authority is not immune to such practices. My son, being a professional
pilot has heard of numerous cases where Commercial Pilots Licenses were fraudulently obtained.
Same modus operandi. Officials accepting bribes. That practice has been stopped I was told as two officials were criminally charged. But as corruption is so prevalent in SA I doubt very much such
practices can ever be eradicated.
To be continued............

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